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Dead-burned magnesite

2020-08-27 13:41:14
Dead-burned magnesite
Detailed introduction:

Magnesite is a kind of chemical substance, which means that when magnesite is calcined at 1800℃, carbon dioxide completely escapes and magnesium oxide forms a magnesite compact block.

This heavy - fired magnesium has a high fire resistance. Its main component is magnesium oxide, which is made of natural extra-grade magnesite by flotation purification, light burning, fine grinding, high-pressure pressure ball and ultra-high temperature oil calcined in vertical kiln.

The heavy calcined magnesite is mainly made of 46% or 46.5% magnesite after calcination of one layer of coal and one layer of magnesite in a high temperature kiln at 1600℃ to 1800℃. The products are divided into three grades; A former dead burned magnesite, kiln, owe to burn dead burned magnesite, three, large pieces of dead burned magnesite, the quality of these three dead-burned magnesite is according to the different products to use, dead-burned magnesite products are widely used in magnesium, magnesium aluminum brick, magnesite chrome brick, brick gunning material, castable, dry fodder, daub, repairing, casting flux, fireproofing and heat preservation materials, accessories, electrical furnace, heating furnace, converter, steel, electric furnace and furnace bottom ramming furnace lining.


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