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Detailed introduction:

Magnesite is a kind of magnesium carbonate mineral, which is the main source of magnesium. After the solution containing magnesium ACTS on calcite, it will turn calcite into magnesite, so magnesite also belongs to calcite family. Magnesite - rich rocks can also change into magnesite. Magnesite often contains iron as a result of the substitution of iron or manganese for magnesium. Magnesite is white or off-white with a glassy sheen, and iron-containing magnesite may appear yellow to brown. If the crystal appears to be granular, if it does not, it is lumpy. Besides refining magnesium, magnesite can also be used as refractory material and compound to produce magnesium.

Magnesite does not easily form good crystals and usually occurs as a rock. The properties of magnesite are similar to calcite. Magnesite has the same crystal structure as calcite, so it is classified into calcite mineral group. The appearance of magnesite is similar to dolomite, so it is difficult to distinguish. However, MgCO3 does not react with weak acid, while calcite CaCO3 does. This is an excellent way to distinguish magnesite from calcite

White or light yellow white, gray white, sometimes with reddish tones, iron is yellow to brown, brown; Ceramic shape is mostly Snow White. Glassy sheen. Complete cleavage. The porcelain shape is shell-like fracture. Hardness 4 ~ 4.5. Crispy. Relative density is 2.9~3.1. The density and refractive index of iron content increase. Cryptocrystalline magnesite is compact in shape and looks like unglazed porcelain, so it is also called porcelain magnesite.


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