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Lightly burnt magnesia

2020-08-27 13:41:51
Lightly burnt magnesia
Detailed introduction:

Magnesium oxide manufactured by magnesium oxide manufacturers is a folding, pressure resistant, high strength, gas hard, cementitious material, widely used in national defense, medicine, chemical, paper, shipbuilding and other industries. In the building materials industry can be made tire board, particleboard, heat preservation column, railing, artificial marble, asbestos tile, ordinary tile, wallboard, laid ground. With the progress of science and technology, magnesium oxide is widely used in biogas tank, greenhouse support, arts and crafts, firecrackers, fire board and other products.

The particle size determination is tested by international standard screen, and the light burned magnesium powder, i.e. 120 mesh and 100 mesh, is tested by international standard screen with aperture of 0.125mm and 0.15mm, respectively.

Inspection rules

The weight of each batch of finished products shall not be greater than 120T.

Samples for particle size determination shall be sampled before the group batch, and samples for chemical analysis shall be sampled after the group batch. Take one sample for each of the 20 small bags (25kg) and one for each of the large bags (1000kg).

After the obtained grain size samples were thoroughly mixed, 10~20g was taken to determine the grain size. The mixed samples were divided into 200g and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

If there is any unqualified or abnormal chemical composition in the test result, a double number of samples shall be taken from the same batch of products for reinspection, and the reinspection result shall be the final test result of this batch of products.

Since the reduction of magnesite burning is generally about 50%, the content of MgO in the ore can be almost doubled by light burning. In this sense, light burning is the most effective MgO enrichment method. In addition, light firing is also the preparatory work for magnesite thermal separation and some heavy separation. Light fired magnesium has high activity and is an ideal raw material for producing high body density magnesite.

Light magnesia mainly produces gelling materials, such as magnesia-containing cement. Insulation and sound insulation building materials, also can do ceramic raw materials. After chemical treatment, a variety of magnesium salts can be made and used in medicine. Rubber. Man-made fibers. Raw materials for paper making, etc. Heavy - fired magnesia. Most metallurgical refractory materials used in the manufacture of magnesia bricks. Chrome-magnesia brick. Magnesia. Metallurgical powder. Electrofused magnesium oxide is mainly used for smelting special alloy steel. Medium and high frequency induction furnace linings for nonferrous and precious metals. Magnesium crucible. It can also be used as high temperature electrical insulation material. The source of light burning powder is calcined magnesite.


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