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2020-08-27 13:41:45
Detailed introduction:

The annual output of magnesium oxide in China is about 12 million tons.

It is the determination of sulfur and pyrite in coal and sulfur and arsenic in steel.

Standard for white pigments. Light magnesium oxide is mainly used as raw material for ceramic, enamel, refractory crucible and firebrick. It is also used as a polishing agent for adhesives, coatings, and fillers for paper, as a promoter and activator for neoprene and fluororubber. After mixing with magnesium chloride solution, magnesium oxide can be prepared. Used medicinally as an antacid and laxative for gastric acid overload and duodenal ulcer disease. Used in the chemical industry as a catalyst and raw material for the manufacture of magnesium salts. It is also used in the manufacture of glass, dyestuff, phenolic plastics, etc. Heavy magnesium oxide is used in the rice milling industry for firing, grinding and half drum. The building industry is used for the manufacture of synthetic chemical flooring, scagliola, heat shield, soundproof panels, and plastics, which are used as fillers in the industry. It can also be used to produce other magnesium salts.

One of the main USES of magnesium oxide is as a flame retardant, traditional flame retardant materials, widely used halogenated polymers or halogenated flame retardant combination of flame retardant compounds. However, in case of fire, due to thermal decomposition and combustion, a large number of smoke and toxic corrosive gases will be generated, which will hinder fire fighting, personnel evacuation and corrosion of instruments and equipment. In particular, it is found that more than 80% of the death accidents in fires are caused by the smoke and toxic gases generated by materials. Therefore, in addition to flame retardancy efficiency, low smoke and low toxicity are also essential indicators of flame retardants. In China, the development of flame retardants industry is extremely uneven. Chlorine-based flame retardants account for a large proportion, ranking first among all flame retardants, among which chlorinated paraffin holds a monopoly position. But chlorine-based flame retardants release toxic gases, which is far from the non-toxic and efficient modern life. Therefore, the development, production and application of magnesium oxide flame retardants are imperative in order to comply with the development trend of low smoke, low toxicity and no pollution in the world.

In order to improve the extraction rate of magnesium oxide and reduce the product energy consumption. To improve product quality and increase product varieties, the double subtraction carbonization process mainly changes the carbonization conditions and subtracts the production process with high energy consumption.


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