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Light burning magnesium

2020-08-27 13:41:33
Light burning magnesium
Detailed introduction:

Since the reduction of magnesite burning is generally about 50%, the content of MgO in the ore can be almost doubled by light burning. In this sense, light burning is the most effective MgO enrichment method. In addition, light firing is also the preparatory work for magnesite thermal separation and some heavy separation. Light fired magnesium has high activity and is an ideal raw material for producing high body density magnesite.

Light magnesia mainly produces gelling materials, such as magnesia-containing cement. Insulation and sound insulation building materials, also can do ceramic raw materials. After chemical treatment, a variety of magnesium salts can be made and used in medicine. Rubber. Man-made fibers. Raw materials for paper making, etc. Dead-burned magnesium. Most metallurgical refractory materials used in the manufacture of magnesia bricks. Chrome-magnesia brick. Magnesia. Metallurgical powder. Electrofused magnesium oxide is mainly used for smelting special alloy steel. Medium and high frequency induction furnace linings for nonferrous and precious metals. Magnesium crucible. It can also be used as high temperature electrical insulation material. The source of light burning powder is calcined magnesite.

Magnesium oxide is commonly known as bitter soil, also known as magnesium oxygen, magnesium oxide is an alkaline oxide, has the common property of alkaline oxide, belongs to cementitious material. White powder (pale yellow for magnesium nitride), odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, is a typical alkaline earth metal oxide, chemical formula MgO. White powder, melting point 2852℃, boiling point 3600℃, relative density 3.58(25℃). Soluble in acids and ammonium salts, insoluble in alcohol. Solubility in water 0.00062 g/100mL (0℃)


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