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Precautions regarding the content of light burned magnesia for fire prevention board!

2019-11-16 16:54:32

Light burning magnesium oxide fire board is a new product of magnesite technology innovation in recent years, economical and practical, light burning magnesium oxide fire board in the country and even the world are in use, the production of light burning magnesium oxide manufacturers made everywhere is very wide, light burning magnesium oxide fire board light, fire prevention, neat, easy to use. Make light burn magnesia fire prevention board during magnesia content is crucial, the other small chemical index of light burn magnesia also is deciding light burn magnesia to make the quality of fire prevention board. The choice of qualified high grade light fired magnesium oxide is one of the first conditions for making high quality fire prevention board. High activity of magnesium oxide, is to make the ideal choice of fire board.

Recent user query through the production of fire prevention board, fire prevention board to do a lot of customers in the product, come down to produce cost, do not pay attention to light burned magnesia content and activity of magnesium oxide, which content of magnesium oxide can be thought, especially in the summer do not pay attention to content of magnesium oxide, led directly to the product condensation slower, produce the product didn't pull impatient. It is hoped that users of broad fire prevention board can use light burning magnesium oxide powder with high content and high activity in summer to remove the objective problems such as lack of hardness of products.

Introduction of magnesium oxide content for fire prevention board: 80%, 85% content. The content of ferric oxide should be controlled at a low level, as the fire prevention board requires more white color.

Magnesium oxide has high fire-resistant insulation properties. It can be converted into crystals by burning at a high temperature above 1000℃, and then become dead burned magnesia (also known as magnesia) or sintered magnesia when rising to 1500-2000 °C.

With the industrial upgrading and the demand and development of high-tech functional materials market, the company has developed and produced a series of high-tech fine magnesium oxide products, which are mainly used for nearly ten varieties, such as high lubricating oil, high tanning leather extraction alkali grade, food grade, medicine grade, silicon steel grade, high electromagnetic grade and high purity magnesium oxide.

Lightly burnt magnesia


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